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Auto Accident/Personal Injury Chiropractic

Auto Accident and Personal Injury Chiropractic
in Bentonville

When you’re in a car accident, tremendous force is released upon impact—that’s why it’s called a crash. While modern-day cars are designed to absorb this force with minimal deformation, your body has no such protection. As a result, even in a low-speed accident with little to no visible damage to the vehicle, your body will sustain some damage, particularly to the ligaments and muscles.

When your car stops suddenly, your head will snap forward and then back rapidly, straining the muscles and ligaments in your neck. This type of injury is called whiplash, and it’s common in auto accidents.

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Why Seek Chiropractic Care?

When these sprain/strain injuries aren’t addressed, your body attempts to protect and heal the area by creating scar tissue. This tissue will build over time, limiting mobility in your neck and spine, and resulting in interference in your nervous system, which can cause pain and other dysfunction.

In addition, the ligaments cannot heal, leading to chronic conditions including disc degeneration, chronic post-whiplash headaches, migraines, numbness and tingling in the arms, and other long-term issues.

When we see a patient immediately after an accident, we can help restore proper alignment in the joints of the spine and extremities, and provide exercises to retrain the damaged muscles. This can help your body heal correctly, so scar tissue doesn’t have the chance to build up.

Even if it’s been months or years since your accident, chiropractic care may still be an effective way to restore proper motion and break up the accumulated scar tissue.

Our Approach

At 479 Chiropractic & Wellness, we provide comprehensive care for patients with auto accident injuries, including e-stim, ultrasound and corrective exercise, besides customized chiropractic adjustments.

We work with your insurance company and/or attorneys to ensure you get the care you need.

We’ll refer out for MRIs or other specialized imaging or care.

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