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Neck Pain Treatment in Bentonville

Put an end to your neck pain with personalized help from Dr. Zac. At 479 Chiropractic & Wellness, we listen to your challenges and partner with you to combat your discomfort at its source.

Many patients visit our Bentonville chiropractic office with complaints of acute pain in their neck. Complete healing, or at least significant improvement, is possible with targeted care and increased situational awareness.


Identifying the Cause and Reversing the Effects

With the prominence of cell phones and desk jobs, we have seen an increase in neck issues related to unhealthy posture. Teenagers and young adults now have a high risk of developing a disk degeneration disorder—previously, this ailment wasn’t problematic until much later in life.

Young or old, you may not be able to change screen time habits as you work and go through life. But you can change your posture and improve your health with simple steps and care from Dr. Zac.

For most patients, we start with an examination, including X-rays, to reveal where there may be pressure on the disk and nerves. Then, we start doing adjustments and suggesting stretches that can restore optimal functioning of the body, starting with the nervous system.

Does this sound like you?

Easy Solutions

Ergonomics play perhaps the most important role in neck posture. Pains in the neck can often be solved through adjustments from Dr. Zac and changes he suggests to the posture you have while working and sleeping.

By leading easy-to-understand conversations, Dr. Zac hopes to equip you with the knowledge of how to mitigate discomfort and adopt simple changes that are easy to incorporate into everyday life.

No Popping Necessary

Dr. Zac has various care options beyond manual adjustments, including popping sounds. He builds a relationship with each patient and ensures you are comfortable with whatever modality you choose to receive.

Over time, as Dr. Zac gains trust with effective instrument-assisted adjustments and non-invasive care, you may decide to start manual adjustments. But we will never rush or force you into only one option that you are uncomfortable with.

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