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Headache Treatment in Bentonville

When people come into the practice with headache complaints, we let them know that just because they’re common, it doesn’t make them normal. Pain is the body’s way of saying maybe there’s some dysfunction going on, so we look a little deeper; the problem may originate from anywhere in the cervical spine.

Migraines are mostly tied to upper cervical dysfunction, and can be tied to stress and hormonal factors.
Headaches may come and go—migraines are much more intense.

Causes and Symptoms

Some of your pain may be due to tension in the suboccipital muscles at the base of the skull, temporal headaches, sinus issues, or problems with the eyes. It might also be postural or ergonomic from staring at a screen all day. We see headaches from many causes, so we make the correction structurally and functionally.

Migraines may have similar causes, but different symptoms. These include extreme pain, light and sound sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, or the need to be in a cold, dark room and just go to sleep—and they can be very debilitating.
Does this sound like you?
One woman had extremely painful migraines two-three times a week from looking down at her computer at work. Adjusting her ergonomics and sleep patterns, along with cervical adjustments, took her pain level all the way down to one-two, and frequency once a month at most.

Natural Solutions

When people come in with headaches, Dr. Zac does a full exam and consult, as he does with every patient. He may decide to take a cervical X-ray to see what’s going on there, but we still do a full spine workup to check for any other dysfunction.

We’ll do some manual cervical adjusting and ultrasound on the neck, and may add trigger point therapy on the suboccipital muscles, and the supportive ligaments and muscles around the neck. Rehabilitative exercises and strengthening are also helpful.

Lifestyle adjustments in your working environment, sleeping patterns, and stress-inducing activities may also help. Be more aware of what you consume—are you drinking a lot of soda, is your water intake good? Drinking a lot of caffeine or eating a bunch of processed foods and sugars? Does the frequency of headaches vary based on hormonal cycles? Just paying more attention to potential triggers may decrease the frequency.

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